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Joseph R.  Winter III CRPC®

Joseph R. Winter III CRPC®

Financial Representative

Joseph Winter has built a distinguished career in the financial services industry, specializing for over 13 years in addressing the unique insurance needs of pre-retirees, retirees, and seniors aged 65 and older. Married to Stephanie Winter, Joseph's personal life is enriched by his cherished dogs, who are like children to him. Professionally, he serves as a financial representative at Ameritas Investment Company, LLC.
Joseph also leads the Senior Benefits Division at Keaney Financial Services Corp., where he guides clients through the intricacies of Medicare and Social Security benefits. His work focuses on helping seniors manage and understand the evolving landscape of their insurance options each year.
His array of services tailored for retirees includes Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans, dental, life, and cancer insurance, burial insurance, and fixed annuity insurance contracts, such as MYGAs and Fixed Index Annuities. Joseph's strategic approach and personalized service ensure that seniors receive comprehensive, empathetic support tailored to their financial and healthcare needs, establishing him as a trusted advisor in the financial planning community.