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Your most valuable asset is your employees. Taking care of them is taking care of your business. Which is why businesses count on Keaney Financial Services Corp. to provide and compare the best group health quotes available, from all of the top carriers. We're here to help you find the best options to fit the needs of you, your employees, and your budget. Easily compare quotes in seconds from the top rated carriers.

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Did you know: Health insurance prices are fixed by law. That means you won't find a better price for the same plan. 

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Client Education Center: Know Before You Buy!

<strong>PPO vs. HMO</strong>


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<strong>Co-Insurance Vs. Co-pay</strong>

Co-Insurance Vs. Co-pay

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<strong>Deductible Vs. Maximum Out of Pocket</strong>

Deductible Vs. Maximum Out of Pocket

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Health Insurance Basics

Health Insurance Basics

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Why should I offer health insurance to my employees?

Providing health insurance and group benefits has been proven to boost productivity as well as improve the overall morale of the workplace. 

What benefits as the employer, do I get for offering group health insurance?

Typically, you are able to write off what you contribute for your employees premiums. This, is something you always need to speak to a CPA or accountant about as Keaney Financial Services does not give tax advice.

Can I contribute different amounts to different employees?

According to the ACA, you are not able to discriminate, but you are able to pay different classes of employees differently. For example you can contribute 100% for managers and 75% for your workers and be ACA compliant. Please call for more details.

When can I start a group health plan?

You can start your group health plan anytime of the year. CLICK HERE! To get started!

Why should I work with an agent / advisor?

Not only is it at no extra cost to you, to use an agent/advisor but, we are the ones who can help you make informed decisions because you want to make sure you're choosing the best plans that fit what you and your employees are looking for.

When should I cancel my current health insurance policy, once I decide that I want to move forward with my new plan?

You never want to cancel your current policy until you receive a confirmation that your group has been accepted for coverage, but we like to go  a step further and make sure your ID cards are being created.