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Your Social Security Disability Claim will get DENIED

| June 22, 2021

The reasons why your Social Security Disability claim will get denied are many and you should know prior to filling a claim. Know what to expect when you apply for benefits and that the social security administration denial will lead you to submitting an appeal to their decision.

Is Social Security running out of money? Do I have a valid claim? Why is my claim denied? Should I appeal? Can I apply again?

There's a 65% chance or probability that your initial claim with the Social Security Administration for SSDI will be denied and that doesn't have to be the end.

Depending on your situation, your symptoms and your work history, your file may end up at the bottom of a "pile of claims" on someone's desk.

And the department that has handled these claims has shrunk in recent years. Federal employees are overworked and have a lot of cases to review. Not to mention, there's many claims being filed and not enough funds approved from Congress towards to help people living with disabilities and unable to work.

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