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Buy Life Insurance over the phone

Buy Life Insurance over the phone

| July 16, 2020


Think about all the different types of insurances that you have.

Do you know ALL your agents personally?

There's a high probability that many of you will say: "no, I don't".

Life Insurance doesn't have to be a very complex process.

If you need basic coverage that will protect your family

from financial catastrophe after your death, why not get it? 

An agent whom you're having a conversation over the phone with, should be as equipped with information

and knowledge as the agent that you meet in person. Other than not knowing what they look like, there's no difference.

So long as you're getting all the information that you need to make an educated decision, really, who cares if you're sitting in front of them!

We put this video together for you to explain what you should know and do before, during and after your life insurance phone call.

Call our office s at 772-287-8089 if you need help choosing the right policy for you.

*Spanish speaking agent available*