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A Long-Term Care discussion with Theresa Minnis, CEO of Legacy Private Care

| October 06, 2020


                      If we had a dime for every time we get asked for information about Long Term Care, we'd probably gather be enough funds to payoff our the National debt. If we got a dime for every time someone actually did something to cover the high cost of care, not much would change.

                I'm exaggerating a bit. But what I'm not exaggerating is how costly home healthcare can be if you don't have a funding plan. So for everyone who thinks $150, $250 or $300 (or whatever your cost might be) a month in Long Term Care Insurance premium is too much, just think about the $150 A DAY that the most basic form of long term care would cost if you couldn't do 2 out of the six daily living activities.

                         The bills add up quick, and the savings deplete quick too. It's not just about YOU and the quality of care you need. If you spend down your retirement savings on your long term care needs, how is your spouse supposed to survive? What's left over for him or her?

                          But what about when you're still young and working and you develop a disability that also requires you to use Long Term Care? That's ULTRA costly. And in this video we discuss the differences as much as how they're similar. Not to mention how the number of young disabled folks needing personal home health care is alarmingly growing.

                         That's a lot to think about. But for now, enjoy this informative video with Ms. Theresa Minnis, the co-owner of Legacy Private Care, a home health care nurse registry that provides these kinds of services and more. 

                          And if you want more information on how to protect yourself, you spouse, your mom or dad from this retirement peril, call our offices at 772-287-8089 ext 4 and ask for Joe Winter, who can guide you on choosing the most suitable plan for you.

And, if you're looking for a reliable Home Health Care or skilled nursing care provider on Martin County & St. Lucie Counties, check out Legacy Private Care and tell them Keaney Financial Services Corp sent you.