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Choose the Right Employee Benefits

| May 19, 2023

     The majority of our business clients and prospects focus on offering medical, dental, and vision insurance to retain and attract employees. Those benefits, coupled with a retirement plan, may be all that motivates some employees. But what about employees who work risky jobs where their life can change instantly? What about their families? How do you decide what benefits are right for your organization to offer? 

     We start by conducting a simple risk analysis or your workforce. We look for ways that your employees can be negatively affected by their job duties. For instance, is your employee climbing, flying, operating a boat, municipal vehicle, or involved in any hazardous activity, etc.  

     Once we identify the dangers of the occupation, our goal is to try to design protection not only your employees, but their families as well. Employees want to know that their employer cares about them and their loved ones. Sometimes you may be able to find some of your best employees by not just saying you care, but also showing them that you care. 

     Each group is different, and we understand that. While I’m a firm believer that the employer must do what’s best for the company, there are certain jobs where an employee is risking their life for the company on a daily or hourly basis. For jobs like these, benefits such as life insurance, short term and long-term disability are highly sought and suggested. Especially for employees with dependents.  

     The most common questions we get outside of medical and ancillary benefits are: What about benefits that help the employer? How do you protect your business from losing someone vital to your company? How do you reward executives, but also have something to drive them further and keep them engaged?

     It’s simple, you talk to Keaney Financial Services Corp. Understanding your goals allows us to lead you in filling in the gap that you may not realize. 

     I can’t stress enough how much it means to employees knowing that their employer offers ancillary benefits such as group pet insurance, or even the warm feeling that we get when someone selects a group cancer plan and explains the importance of that policy to them because they've survived the illness or had to help a family member who suffered from cancer.  

         While offering benefits to your employees may be a tax advantage and a way to attract and retain employees, they can also make an employee feel appreciated and safe. Let us show you how to protect your employees.