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5 Funny Excuses Why People Don't Buy Life Insurance

5 Funny Excuses Why People Don't Buy Life Insurance

| August 18, 2020

                      You can change the lives of so many with a profession in the Financial Services industry. But being a life insurance agent has it's particular rewarding moments. The impact and financial relief people get from receiving a Death Benefit check after a loved one is deceased,                     is very fulfilling.

                       They know that they have the financial means to move on with their lives, despite the circumstances. And no one else in the Financial Services industry can experience the same level of customer satisfaction that agents go through.

                       However, the career can also be quite an entertaining one. People call our offices EVERY DAY requesting quotes and information to get a life insurance coverage that's right for them. And some of them can come up with very creative and FUNNY excuses of why they're choosing not to get it (after they called themselves requesting it).

                     So in this video we gathered 5 of those common excuses that we know are going to make you laugh just as much as they entertain us.

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