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4 Workout MISTAKES that can lead to DISABILITY

4 Workout MISTAKES that can lead to DISABILITY

| July 09, 2020


Cody Merrill, personal trainer to physicians, dentists, athletes, executives (and pretty much anyone looking to improve

their health and physique on the Treasure Coast) explains mistakes people make when exercising or working out, that can cause

a severe injury and lead to a painful disability that can last a very long time, putting you out of work.

If you're out of work, that means you lose your income, which will hurt your pockets in the short-term and long term. 

Not to mention, think of how your family would be affected if you weren't getting a paycheck and you couldn't pay your mortgage, car payment, 

school tuition, groceries...not to mention, if you were out of work, would you lose your group health insurance coverage?

We take so much for granted. We feel invincible, because we're healthy today. But when something as simple as working out can

change EVERYTHING overnight, that should get you thinking on doing something to protect your income.

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The DI Queen, as they call her, feels the main reason people get into financial problems when they're adults is the lack and neglect of financial education.

Which is why she feels that people need to understand that there's circumstances you can't avoid.

Therefore, you must plan for them. Everyone earning an income should protect it.

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