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4 Benefits That Your Employees Will Love

| March 22, 2023

       You finally made the decision to offer employees benefits for your workforce. The next step to figure out is which benefits to offer. We believe that it’s always better to work with an agent that can tailor your benefits package to your business because every business is different. Your needs may not be the same as other companies. Below are four types of very popular benefits sought out by employees, regardless of the industry. 

       For many Americans the deciding factor between job opportunities has changed from salary or pay structure. Job seekers have become increasingly demanding as to what types of benefits are being offered from the employer. From what I’ve seen, one of the major wants from employees or applicants is medical insurance. It’s not uncommon for me to hear an employee say that they had the opportunity to take a higher paying job but took their current one because of the benefits. These benefits are sometimes, not just helping the individual employee. Some employers cover some of the costs for dependents as well. Which can be very appealing to employees. A benefit to the employer is that offering health insurance can also lead to healthier employees who are more productive. 

      According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one in four Americans have untreated tooth decay, that’s about 26%. According to Ameritas Dental, about 46% of American adults ages 30 and over have some sort of gum disease. Offering dental benefits that your employees or applicants may need, could make you really appreciated as an employer.  

      Another benefit that you employees will love is vision insurance. Did you know that according to, in 2021, over 150 million Americans use glasses or eyewear and only about 50.3% of the United States population had vision insurance. Vision insurance can help decrease the costs of office visit’s, contact lenses, exams, and glasses, as well as materials.  

      Offering life insurance to your employees can really help some of them out. Especially employees who can’t get an individual life insurance policy for themselves, either because of the health or personal history. This is because when you offer group life insurance, most companies guarantee to cover every employee up to a certain amount, regardless of medical conditions.  

      Like I mentioned before, I believe in working with an agent to try to make sure that the benefits that you’re offering fit your business you’re in, but the four benefits above almost never seem to disappoint, but what can is how much you’re contributing. And that’s for another blog.   


*This blog is an opinion based off my experience with group benefits*