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| October 16, 2023

        Let’s face it employees want benefits. They don’t just want medical insurance anymore, they want more. Group dental insurance will not only help to make them smile; the cost to you (the employer) should make you happy as well.

        In my opinion, group dental insurance is one of the least expensive benefit options you can offer to your employees. You should be familiar with the following terms that will help you understand how the benefits can work and what insurance may cover.

Dental Insurance A plan that helps cover the cost of your dental expenses as stated in you policy.

Deductible – The amount of money you must pay out of pocket before the insurance company pays their portion of the bill.

Premium – The amount of money that is due each month to keep your policy in force.

Cavity – Caused from a decaying tooth. A cavity is a breakdown of the enamel of a tooth that causes an opening in the tooth.

Gingivitis – This is an early form of gum disease. Gingivitis causes inflamed and bleeding gums.

Plaque – A film that forms on the teeth that can be removed by brushing and flossing.

Tartar – This is what happens when plaque hardens on you teeth and calcifies.

Crown – A cover that goes over a restored tooth, that is made to look like a tooth.

Orthodontics – A way of correcting teeth and jaw alignments by using things like braces and retainers.

Endodontics – Covers the pulp in your tooth and things like root canals.

Dental Implant – An artificial tooth that is implanted into your mouth permanently.

Periodontist – Specializing in the treatment of the gums, periodontists make sure the structures that support the teeth are in good shape.

Extraction – The removal of a tooth.

Oral Hygiene – The practice of caring for your teeth and gums.

       Whether you have 5 employees or 20, group dental insurance can always put a healthy smile on an employee’s face, and for the cost, it can be a great benefit for both the employer and the employee. Knowing these fourteen terms can help you not only request group dental quotes, but also may help you understand them as well.