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Group Dental and Vision Insurance

Dental Insurance

Traditional Tailored Indemnity

We offer a full line of traditional indemnity dental products that are made to order. Providing dental benefits for a wide range of needs is something we’re really good at. We focus in it. And since customer needs always come first, that makes for a great fit. 

Value Source® 

We think quality dental plans should be affordable. That’s why we offer Value Source, a plan that provides quality benefits at a reasonable price. With a combination of traditional benefits and savvy cost controls, we’ll help keep expenses in check.


With coverage options that center around good dental care basics, EssentialDental is designed to keep smiles healthy and costs low.

Managed Care/Provider Network

Our managed care dental products help to balance cost and member choice by tailoring a plan that fulfills your specific needs.

Dental Rewards® 

Wouldn’t it be great if members were rewarded for practicing good oral wellness? With Dental Reward’s increasing annual maximum feature, they are rewarded. Members who don’t use much of their annual max can qualify to carry some of those unused dollars forward for use in future years. That way, the money is there when they need it most.


We offer orthodontic benefits for children and adults. Add this feature to enhance your benefit package, and unleash the power of a great smile. Beautiful smiles and happy faces lead to achieving great things at work and in life.


Today’s consumer wants to look good and feel good. Include teeth whitening (bleaching) and tooth-color composites on molars with your dental plan. Plan members and their loved ones will thank you.

Plus many more options are available.

Dental + Vision Insurance Combined

Edge Dental and Vision

Created with the small group market in mind, this portfolio of canned plans includes the best of Ameritas’ dental and vision plan design elements. Simplicity is the name of the game with these plans. Individual dental plans also are available in the Edge Series.

Fusion: The Ultimate Choice®

Members know their personal needs better than we do. That’s why we created Fusion, one plan featuring both dental and vision. Now, members gain control of their benefit dollars to help meet their family’s needs. Administrative cost savings are passed along, too.

Vision Insurance

Vision Perfect®

We understand that when it comes to benefits, surprises are a bad thing. That's why we offer Vision Perfect. This plan is based on a schedule of benefits, so members will know exactly what's covered and what to expect. The plan also offers increasing annual benefits so members have more benefit dollars each year.


We do everything in our power to make sure you and your employees are satisfied. That includes offering Focus, our vision plans featuring the VSP®Signature and Choice networks. Choose a VSP vision provider for network savings and satisfaction.


Choice is a wonderful thing. So we created a complete vision portfolio that also features the EyeMed Vision Care® Access and Select nationwide vision provider networks. See what plan works best to fulfill your needs.

Exam or Materials Only

What if an employer already has a vision benefit, and just needs a little something to complement it? We offer vision exam only and vision materials only plans to fill these needs.

LASIK Advantage®

With LASIK Advantage, members can get benefits for a number of popular, well-established laser vision correction procedures. Benefits increase over time and can be added to virtually all of our dental and vision plans.

Plus many more options are available.

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