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Think Differently.

We build Financial plans with you in mind.

We believe the best way to build wealth is by addressing what can lead you to lose it in the first place. Outside of market risk, life brings many challenges.

Removing emotion from your investment decisions by limiting downside exposure can help keep you focused and prepared for lifes unexpected future challenges.

Focused Divisions.

Financial & Business Planning

  • Organize
  • Invest
  • Income Planning
  • Tax Efficiency
  • Insurance
  • Estate Planning
  • Retirement
  • Family Planning
  • Business

Medical Legal Specialty Division

  • Disability Income Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Asset Protection
  • Risk Management
  • Practice Management

Senior Benefit Division

  • Medicare Supplements
  • Medicare Advantage
  • Prescription Drug Plans
  • Hospital Indemnity Plans
  • Long Term Care
  • Dental & Vision Plans
  • Cancer Policies
  • Annuities

Executive Group Benefit Division

  • 401k & Retirement Plans
  • Group Health & Life
  • Group Disabilty Plans
  • Group Dental & Vision
  • Group Cancer
  • Group Long Term Care
  • Executive Bonus
  • Executive Compensation
  • Deferred Compensation
  • Buy Sell Agreements
  • Succession Planning

Wealth Management.

Individuals, Corporations, and Non-Profit Organizations with investable assets of $500,000+.

Wealth management strategies for individuals, families, and non-profit organizations.

Wealth analytics & solutions combined with personalized estate & financial planning. We have a strong focus on risk management, tax-efficiency, and philanthropy management. We have strategically partnered with institutional managers, attorneys, and tax professionals.

Modern managed investment portfolios that have a strong focus on reducing the max drawdown by using mathematical formulas and mechanical execution strategies

In this modern world, we feel that risk management is needed more than ever. Our strategies offer proprietary risk management portfolios with a focus on delivering consistent returns for medium and long term investors. Ask yourself, What is your current exit strategy when the next market cycle begins?

How We Think.

Why is it assumed that the stock market can make you rich or wealthy, when most of the American population is poor? It may be that many Americans disregard risk completely, by the noise of Wall Street, Internet, and daily business news.

Ask yourself this. If a recession, disability, divorce, or any other situation that could cause a financial disaster to hit; are you prepared? Have you planned for the “What if situations”?

Most of us have seen others take unnecessary risk that led to failure or struggle, yet most don’t protect themselves from the same scenarios. This is a clear example of typical human behavior. Have you witnessed a car accident? Did you start wearing a seat belt afterwards? How many of our friends and families have lost their homes after losing their jobs do to a disability or accident? Yet they still don’t protect their income. Why is it many American retirees spend their lives trying to accumulate wealth and security, but don’t protect their nest egg from financial disasters or basic “Long Term Care needs”. It all starts “with a Plan”, but what is a plan worth if you don’t “Protect it”?

Ask yourself these questions. What is the difference between gambling and investing? Have you ever heard of anyone going to a casino and leaving financially secure? What’s the probability of investing in the stock market like everyone else and ending up financially secure? Do the research, not so probable. There is no perfect investment philosophy or investment. You will always give up something in any strategy or philosophy. We believe that reducing your exposure to losses, is a better way of gaining more from your strategy or plan. Narrow the path to more predictable and acceptable outcomes.

At Keaney Financial Services Corp. we believe a good financial or business plan can’t exist without a “Strong Foundation”.  Our focus is helping reduce risk for individuals and businesses within their own “What if Scenarios”? Monetary success begins with prudent risk management and long-term mindset.

What's Your Risk Number? 

Are you taking too much risk? Too little risk? Does your portfolio risk match your personal risk?

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Ready to Take Control of Your Financial Future?

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